Sony Business Empire and How Big is Sony?

Sony Business Empire and How Big is Sony?


In this post, we will provide you information About the Sony Business Empire and How Big is Sony? This time we are in the capital city of japan Tokyo and the year is 1945. the second world war has just ended and japan is now trying to rebuild itself in this Shirokiya department store a group of engineers led by a 28-year-old Masaru Ibuka has just started a small radio repair shop it is a windowless room on the third floor of this department store initially, the business was very slow most of the employee salaries were paid out of Ibaka’s own savings later buka was joined by his wartime friend Akio Morita and together they both founded Tokyo telecommunications engineering corporation in 1946, their first retail product was this an electric rice cooker but sadly for them, this product failed in the market.

Still, even after the failure, this group of passionate engineers did not lose hope they developed a new production electrically heated cushion and this became the first successful retail product of the company whom we all now know as ”SONY ”  Sony went on to create japan’s first tape recorder

  • Japan’s first transistor radio
  • The first all-transistor television
  • The first cd player and also their most successful products like the world’s first portable music player walkman

the best-selling gaming console PlayStation and many many more products over the years sony has grown so huge that it now has over 208 billion dollars in total assets which is more than johnson and johnson, Procter gamble honda motors, and reliance currently the biggest shareholder of sony with a 9.4 percent stake is Citibank so without any further delay.

Let’s begin our voyage across the world and witness sony’s gigantic business empire.

We will first travel to North America and reach Canada, we are outside Canada’s largest that meridian hall which was formerly known as the sony center for the performing arts moreover back in 1955 sony’s first transistor radio tr-55 became the first sony product to be retailed in Canada and outside japan in Canada sony’s country headquarter is located in Toronto and has over 500 authorized dealers across the country moreover the group also operates an animation studio in Vancouver which has recently worked on movies like the meg and spiderman far from home now.

let’s move to the biggest revenue-generating market of sony united states we will first travel to the breezy California and reach sony pictures studios the 45 acre film and television production complex back in 1989 Sony diversified into flame production business by acquiring Columbia tri-star the group now owns a library of more than 4000 films along with the rights of spider-man and James bond franchise moreover sony has also co-produced and distributed recent hits like Jumanji the next level and venom furthermore sony’s television business holds a library of over 35,000 episodes and over 270 tv series which includes the rights of popular shows like Seinfeld and breaking bad and also over 22,000 game show episodes which includes the longest-running game shows wheel of fortune and jeopardy, In the us sony also operates a biotechnology company blu-ray disc manufacturing facility in Indian multiple tv channels that include game show network get tv sony movie channel and Funimation the anime streaming service, Now let’s take a short ride and reach san Mateo California this is the U.S headquarters of sony interactive entertainment the company responsible for the gaming console PlayStation moreover sony also owns over seven-game development companies just in North America which includes Santa Monica studio the creators of the god of war series and insomniac games the developers of ratchet and clang series now after games. let us talk about music sony music group owns the largest music publishing catalog in the world with over 4.8 million songs including the rights of songs by the Beatles and Michael Jackson finally before leaving the U.S let’s visit the las vegas convention center this was the venue of the recently concluded consumer electronic show 2020. here sony surprised the world by showcasing their concept of electric car and a possible tesla competitor Sony vision S from las vegas we will move to South America and reach Latin America in this region the group operates sony channel Latin America owns one of Colombia’s largest independent television producers owns a music company in Argentina while sony’s full-frame camera is the highest-selling brand in the Latin America region now from Latin America, let us travel to African Africa sony products are sold in over 20 countries while the group also operates a music label in Africa and until last year also used to operate a tv channel in South Africa now let’s move to Europe and land in the united kingdom as we have traveled a lot.

Sony Business Empire and How Big is Sony?
Sony Business Empire and How Big is Sony?

let’s take a quick break and watch a famous British game show who wants to be a millionaire owned and licensed by sony pictures it is one of the world’s most franchised tv show I’m not just talking about slumdog millionaire the show has over 100 versions which include local versions in u.s Germany turkey Russia and India moreover in the UK the group operates only channel sony movies and multiple tv channels for kids while sony also owns a tv production company in ireland a british television production company left bank pictures the producers of the hit series the crown and also operates a music company sony musicuk furthermore in the uk the group operates a professional camera manufacturing unit and also owns two game development studiosmoving to the rest of europe sony owns r d facilities in sweden germany and belgium a blu-ray and cd manufacturing unit in austria an assembly and logistics center in czech republic a virtualized media production company in norway ax in channels across europe local tv channels in germany russia and hungary and also an amsterdam based gaming studio gorilla games the creators of the popular game horizon zero dawnfrom europe. let’s quickly move to Australia where the group owns a television production company that organizes annual photo competition sony alpha awards and also runs the charitable institution Sony foundation Australia which has still date donated over 11 million dollars now it’s time to finally reach Asia and we will land in the desert sands of UAE here the group operates a warehousing and supply chain unit in Dubai which supplies sony products to the entire Africa middle east and Pakistan while traveling in Dubai we have reached the tallest building in the world Burj khalifa recently Sony had lit up the landmark for the launch of the much-awaited PlayStation 5. now from Dubai.

let’s travel to India, India is Sony is fourth largest market with over 20,000 dealers over 300 exclusive sony outlets a tv manufacturing unit, and also operates a software development center in Bengaluru moreover in India the group owns an ott platform sony life operates 24 television channels including entertainment and sports channels which are further distributed in over 100 countries moreover in India the group has jointly produced Indian films like Padman 102 not out and Shakuntala tv moving to the Asia pacific here in this region sony operates multiple manufacturing facilities in china Thailand and Malaysia china is the third-largest market for the group accounting for over 12 percent of the revenue moreover in china the group operates and centers and also has recently invested 400 million dollars in a Chinese video site moreover in the region Sony is other major markets are Korea Taiwan and Vietnam now after our world tour let’s travel to japan and reach where we had begun sony’s journey Tokyo this is sony’s global headquarter but we will travel a bit more and reach outside this building the headquarters of sony financial holdings sony has also been involved in the insurance business in Japan for almost four decades they operate only life an insurance company with over 8,000 employees not only that but the group also operates one of the largest online banks in japan sony bank now.

Sony Business Empire and How Big is Sony?
Sony Business Empire and How Big is Sony?

let’s use our sony smartphone here in japan sony smartphones hold around 10 market share still whatever phone we might use there is a good chance that our mobile or camera will have a sony image sensor as sony is the world’s largest manufacturer of CMOS image sensors with around 50 percent worldwide market share moreover in japan the group owns

  • An internet service provider
  • A semiconductor manufacturing company
  • A music company
  • Two-game development studios jointly own a drone company

and also owns majority stakes in Japanese anime television companies and a popular medical portal m3 not only that sony has also released numerous consumer robots including the award-winning robotic AI dog AIBO sony has not only established a gigantic conglomerate but has also been involved in assisting relief efforts operates and education foundation and has also recently established a hundred million dollar covet 19 global relief fundi found it inspiring to witness how a small radio repair shop has transformed itself into a global entity so in the end all I can say this is sony’s massive business empire.

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