Top 10 Anime with OP MC Hidden Power

Top 10 Anime with OP MC Hidden Power

we all love overpowered anime characters they’ve got interesting storylines powers and their attitude is pretty out of the ordinary the power itself is so badass that we just can’t get enough of them all sorts of special moves combat and techniques are shown in a beautiful way, what’s up guys welcome to the Post, in this Post we’re gonna take a look at the Top 10 Anime with OP MC Hidden Power.

Top 10 Anime Where The Overpowered MC Has Hidden PowersAbilities

10. Gunjou No Magmel Anime


he’s a fashionable looking protagonist who’s had quite the impact on the series the plot begins when a new continent named margamay appears out of nowhere this island is filled with secrets and resources everywhere enyo is an angler and along with his team he manages to go out on a journey to explore the island throughout the series inyo helps his clients.


and saves people’s lives with his assistant named zero inyo has a rather unique power called lacto this power lets him create objects from scratch as long as he knows the materials used in them his power physical abilities endurance and everything is on a whole other level this makes him one of the most badrock type main characters of all time.

9. Assassins Pride Anime


as the name suggests he’s half vampire and half human kufi is the strongest and most overpowered character in assassin’s pride on the surface he looks very calm and is a tall person he just likes to carry out his duties khufar’s personality changed when he had to chew to maleida he was asked to kill melita as she didn’t have any tendency for mana however kufa disobeyed his father and protected her instead kufa.


showed his real powers when he was having a two versus one fight he transformed into a vampire by overcoming his limits his vampire form is so strong that being in his presence the enemy’s legs would literally shake he was easily able to defeat the assassin who came to kill melida huffa screwed him over and walked away casually too overpowered for a main character.

8. Yichang Shengwu Anime


a protagonist who’s 23 years old with no job or no girlfriend to live comfortably in his life he rents out one of his rooms in his house when he rented out the room to his tenant named lily something awful happened lily was attacked by a vampire named vivian in the meantime he found out that lily herself is a werewolf the plot continues further when yoshihido is scouted by an organization that makes him deal with the creatures from other worlds to make them a tenant in his house.


all this serves to maintain the balance of the world to your surprise yoshihito has no powers he’s an ordinary man who’s just good with friendship and that’s definitely not a naruto reference but at some point in the anime while saving lily he’s forced to have combat with a beast in that moment he went head to head and was able to enhance his physical powers significantly that made him overpower the beast never giving up that’s his real power.

7. Hataage! Kemono Michi Anime


foreign isn’t our usual anime protagonist in addition the whole anime is filled with humor and you’ll have a very good time with it genzo’s a pro wrestler who’s also a pet lover his dream job is to open up a pet shop talking about his physical condition genzo is very muscular and tall he’s a very famous wrestler however just talking bad about animals might give you trouble if he’s around the plot is actually even funnier than that after his successful match one night he summoned into a different world.


where a princess asks him to become a beast killer and free her kingdom from every type of beast there is however he knocks out the princess with his special abilities and leaves the castle immediately this shows the true extent of his powers his hidden power is his sheer strength a lot of enemies would occasionally underestimate him for being weak looking but we know that happens a lot in anime however he easily defeated the orc king who was the strongest being in that fantasy world what can you expect more from a human whose power has been peaked to the ultimate level we love it

6. Musaigen No Phantom Anime


Next is somewhat spicy we have haruhiko ichijo the main protagonist of musaygin no phantom he has phantom hunting abilities and studies as a first year student personality wise haruhiko is very kind and a book person he loves to read books and is called useless by his own friends the whole plot of this anime revolves around phantom hunting haruhiko has a special ability.


that makes him become very powerful being such a knowledgeable person who knows everything about phantom his skills are on a whole other level the ability is called the book of thoths his powers are art based as haruhiko is flawless in drawing his powers enable him to seal and capture various phantoms just by drawing them in his book but the craziness doesn’t stop here he can also summon phantoms his hidden power is that he can copy anyone’s moves and he can also read their minds and memories such an overpowered character can’t be taken for granted.

5. Deadman Wonderland Anime


next on our list he’s the protagonist who’s also known as woodpecker he’s the best friend of shiro who’s the other main character the basic plot moves when ganda is being conned by a man named redman who murdered gandha’s classmates and put the blame on him in the beginning of the series gandalf seemed to be a very kind and harmless character even when he was sent to the dead man wonderland for killing his classmates which he didn’t do he was stunned to see the atmosphere in the prison during his time there.


he learned a lot of things but the main goal of ganda was to take revenge from the red man and clear the misunderstanding of him killing his own classmates he got very depressed when he was released from prison he’s already witnessed so many deaths and betrayals however senji teaches him to confront his fears and become strong he then knows that he can still change the future if not the past and works on getting stronger this whole anime is filled with many arcs and the character development is one of the best we’ve ever seen in any anime as gantha was a dead man he had the power to control the follow of his blood his power gandagan was an example of how powerful his abilities are in short he can pull blood out of his body and shoot anyone making this a very intimidating ability at some point in the anime a huge boulder was thrown to make sure that he dies however his will to live and find the con man made him use gantaman where he flawlessly destroyed the boulder this ability makes him very overpowered.

4. Kekkaishi Anime


for the fourth number we have yoshimori sumimora from kikaishi the middle child of the sumimura family our hero had it rough at times too in his flashbacks he’s shown to be a very weak child who cries easily and is pretty fragile dogine his close friend has always helped him out of dangerous situations and tough times even though the family didn’t let them be friends with each other in the anime yoshimori was treated very badly by his elder brother when tokine was nine years old he got injured badly but yoshimori managed to save her.


and bring her back from that day onward he promised himself to become stronger and better to save dokine and bring justice just like any other anime character yoshimori has a lot of powers but the hidden power came when he completed his training in the sumimura well that power was called musso this power would take his conscious mind away and put him into a blank state the result of doing so is that his power speed and reaction using muso state he can summon a huge amount of kekai without getting tired this is probably the most overpowered skill that yoshimori had

3. Enen no Shouboutai Anime


shin raku sakabe – a firefighter and the main character of fire force after his mother died he made his mind to become a hero saving others so that they wouldn’t have to suffer the way he did in his childhood to save people from something called a spontaneous human combustion that will turn them into ash monsters he joined the fire force academy shinrai is a brave and very confident looking character whose main goal is to become the best hero one thing’s for sure though his smile is pretty weird when he’s nervous.


he shows his nervousness in the form of a smile while we can talk all day about his powers the hidden power that was later revealed later in the plot is called a dollar burst he was always considered as the third generation pyrokinetic but when he showed a dollar burst it made him a fourth generation pyrokinetic in this state his powers including speed strength and even his psychic state improves dramatically he can move as fast as the speed of light see people’s memories and exert a huge amount of physical strength and this power is special due to the fact that it increases with the increase of shinra’s desires making it one of the most powerful and hidden power.

2. Kyoukai No Kanata Anime


he’s a bright fun and playful personality having beautiful blonde hair the kind aura is leaking from every aspect of his character design akihito is half human and half yumu his father is a yumu and his mother is a human in the plot yumu are creatures that are responsible for killing humans in the human world his most basic abilities are controlling fire and excellent healing powers that make him practically immortal in a sense as a child he had once been hit by a car everyone was surprised to see that there wasn’t a single scar on the powerful protagonist.


in the storyline but wait up this isn’t your simple happy ending story akihito as we know it was a yomu he has immense powers that many fear in the anime when fighting miroku he was injured very badly that’s where he started to show his hidden powers to make things simpler when he’s injured pretty badly his yomu side takes control and annihilates anyone who comes in his way after his fight with miroku he became a beast with black eyes and a green aura surrounding his whole body when his yomu side took over he almost destroyed hirumi but was saved by kuriyama who apologized for not understanding him such a blend of kindness and powers that are totally uncontrollable makes him a must for our list.

1. Noblesse Anime


for the number one spot we have goddess a drama derizel from nobles in the anime he holds the title of noblies as he’s a noble from luke donia this soul title makes him different and superior from all other nobles in the plot talking about the plot all nobles feared his power and thought that he could easily kill anyone he pleased rizal was living his life in solitude until he met frankenstein now as we’ve already said he’s the most overpowered character in this anime having so many hidden powers his presence itself is intimidating enough to make everyone tremble in fear in the anime his powers have been sealed by two earrings out of one that he’d already broken years ago while fighting in that era and one that we can see on his left ear that was gifted by frankenstein he’s lost a lot of powers that are worth mentioning but blood affinity this power absorbs energy and exerts a huge amount of pressure which we can see when he’s fighting with ignis just by using his power he was able to rupture ignis’s eye causing her to feel the pain once he gets serious there’s nothing stopping this badass noble and that’s it for today’s Top 10 Anime with OP MC Hidden Power.




  1. -Erased
  2. -The promised Neverland -Psycho pass
  3. -Id invaded
  4. -7 seeds
  5. -Terror in resonance
  6. -Parasyte the maxim
  7. -Classroom of elite
  8. -kakegurui
  9. -Akuma no Riddle



  1. -kyokou suiri
  2. -Mob psycho 100
  3. -Ousama game
  4. -Fairy gone
  5. -Devils line
  6. -Hinamatsuri
  7. -B the Beginning
  8. -Tokyo Ghoul
  9. -Devilman crybaby
  10. -kekkai sensen



  1. -Black clover
  2. -A Certain Magical: All series
  3. -Dorohedoro
  4. -Rising of the shield hero
  5. -That time i reincarnated as a slime
  6. -kenja no mago
  7. -Radiant
  8. -Overlord
  9. -Arifureta
  10. -Fate series


💙Slice of life

  1. -Smile down the Runway
  2. -Asteroid in love
  3. -Teasing master Takagi san
  4. -Violet Evergarden
  5. -Somali and the forest spirit
  6. -Love chuunibyou and other delusions
  7. -March comes like a Lion
  8. -Beastars
  9. -Ascendance of a Book worm
  10. -Fruits Basket


🔥⚛Sci Fi / Mecha

  1. -Steins gate
  2. -Fullmetal panic
  3. -Neon genesis
  4. -God eater
  5. -Gurren lagann
  6. -Mobile suit gundam
  7. -Dr stone
  8. -Knights and magic
  9. -Ghost in the shell
  10. -Code geass



  1. -Death note
  2. -Trigun
  3. -kanata no Astra
  4. -Hyouka
  5. -Monster
  6. -Black buttler
  7. -Durarara
  8. -kabukichou sherlock
  9. -Darker than black
  10. -Future diary



  1. -Konosuba
  2. -My teen romantic comedy
  3. -Disasterous life of Saiki k
  4. -Devil is a part timer
  5. -School rumble
  6. -Haven’t you heard I’m Sakamoto
  7. -Bakuman
  8. -Cautious Hero
  9. -Noragami
  10. -Rikekoi


💕 Romance Your Name

  1. -As the moon, so beautiful
  2. -Your Lie in April
  3. -A lull in the sea
  4. -Clannad
  5. -Toradora!
  6. -3d girlfriend
  7. -Golden time
  8. -Darling in the franxx
  9. -Relife
  10. -Tsuredure Children



  1. -My hero academia
  2. -Bleach
  3. -Dragon ball
  4. -Attack on titan
  5. -One punch man
  6. -Hellsing series
  7. -Demon slayer
  8. -Junni Taisen
  9. -Assasination classroom
  10. -Baki


☠ Horror

  1. -Angels of Death
  2. -kabaneri of the iron fortress
  3. -Happy sugar life
  4. -Berserk
  5. -Sirius the jaeger
  6. -Another
  7. -Ajin
  8. -Blood series
  9. -Danganronpa
  10. -Elfen Lied


💫 Fantasy

  1. -The seven deadly sins!
  2. -Sword art online
  3. -Fairy tail Re:Zero Starting life in Another world
  4. -No game No life
  5. -Log horizon
  6. -How not to summon a demon lord
  7. -Made in Abyss
  8. -Akame ga kill
  9. -Is it wrong to pick girls in dungeon?



  1. -One piece
  2. -Naruto
  3. -Fullmetal alchemist Brotherhood
  4. -Hunter x hunter
  5. -Jojo’s bizzare adventure
  6. -Samurai champloo
  7. -Bungou stray dogs
  8. -Castlevania
  9. -Claymore
  10. -Goblin slayer.



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