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TOP 10 Average School Boy Anime Get Super Powers – List

TOP 10 Average School Boy Anime Get Super Powers – To Rule the World

You are a nobody everybody ignores you nobody cares about you sounds harsh right yeah only if we’re speaking about reality because when you travel into the anime dimension being a nobody is actually a good thing you only have to wait a couple of months for a superpower to fall into your hands and boy that’s when the real drama kicks in.

So, today let’s take a look at 10 anime where the average schoolboy got superpowers and then decided to play the role of god without wait let’s dive in.

TOP 10 Average School Boy Anime Get Super Powers


number 10 in another world with my smartphone what’s your dream smartphone-like can it give you godly powers and make you overpowered no well the smartphone brand we’re speaking of here is extremely rare because it’s a gift from God when god accidentally kills a 15-year-old toya Mochizuki he decides to send him to another world with a brand new smartphone but this isn’t just any normal smartphone it can help you take down villains practice magic and build a harem along the way this smartphone which comes with the whole package managed to ascend our toya into the new isekai world he landed in and in another world with my smartphone is his adventure on this world along with his newfound heren.


If you need a good power fantasy isakai with comedy in-between don’t miss out on this one.


Wise man’s grandchild the reason why wise man’s grandchild is so popular it’s not because the main character is so wise but because his gramps decided to give him enough power to blast off kingdoms without breaking a sweat this time the innocent who is killed in our world is reincarnated as shin Wolfhard in another fantasy world shin is the grandson of merlin Wolford who is one of the strongest magic users in the world and obviously his strength is passed on to his grandson.


The anime has a lot of memorable moments when it comes to the power fantasy genre and wise man’s grandchild doesn’t fail in delivering spectacular action scenes that can grip your attention.


How not to summon a demon lord in Isekai is an overused trope than the Sandre trope itself so seeing another show with the demon lord is the last thing you should do but how not to summon a demon lord takes things a different way by giving this demon lord social anxiety even though things are to Tacoma’s advantage his social awkwardness kicks in and it is funny to see how he tries to adapt to each situation.


The anime has already had two seasons so you’ve got plenty of episodes to watch in your free time if you need a less serious easy guy anime with a socially awkward demon lord taking the lead then what are you waiting for go watch how Takuma builds his harem.


Four heroes one apocalypse one traitorous female character running everything yep you can guess which anime I’m speaking of now Fumi’s revenge story is still considered as one of the best Isekai to be released in recent years when now fumi iwatani is transported to a world where four heroes should defend the nation against monsters he becomes the shield hero.


Great defense surely something everyone dreams of but this defense is broken when he is betrayed and exiled from the kingdom apart from diverting from the usual revenge story this anime also has an interesting cast of characters you’re soon going to fall in love with oh and on the other hand there are also despicable characters you feel like punching in the face.


Number six guilty crown what if souls had power what if you could draw out this power to craft weapons and then fight with them one side will be the tools and the other side will be the weapons now put in the world of code geese with meccas and terms like the power of the king thrown around and you’ll get the perfect version of the guilty crown here our main character is shu Omar shu started as a weak character who had a keen eye and intelligence but with the power of his void genome he managed to step into the overpowered category especially in his later arcs in the anime.


The story also gets darker as it progresses and has some pretty interesting plot twists so if you’ve not watched it now is a good chance to add this to your watch list.


Number five the future diary you may think it’s cool to know the future but when you are thrown into a battle royale and get to date a psycho girlfriend you draw the line and wish you had a normal life future diary is about a boy named Yupiteru Amano who is forced into a battle royale with 12 other opponents each of them gets a diary which has its own power the one Yuki gets in the future diary a diary that can predict any event that is happening in the future now he has to take part in this battle royale where the winner gets to become god yes the one and only deus ex machina.


Behind all that power fantasy-centered plot future diary is a study about human morality and love but even if you don’t look too deep you can still enjoy the show’s gory nature.


Number four charlotte detective agency kids who have supernatural powers you got it charlotte follows you otasaka a boy who has received a special power that allows him to possess another person for five seconds he uses his power to cheat on others and pass exams but soon he’s caught by now tomorrow another girl who has power and forces him to join the club.


It’s a fun supernatural adventure and even if you think the first two episodes are light-hearted the tragedy will soon kick in and that’s when you start searching for the tissue box.


Number three the disastrous life of Saiki k normally when an anime has supernatural powers flying around it naturally falls onto the power fantasy and action genres but the disastrous life of psyche k takes the same tropes and puts a comedic spin on things instead of supernatural fights you’ve got a boy trying to hide his power instead of climactic battles you have two psychics acting like lunatics in the middle of the episode instead of falling in love psyche has a girl chasing after him he wants to get rid of.


The disastrous life of psychic has a lot of things that will make you binge-watch the show it is sad to see it underrated because it is something that can give you a laugh in each of its episodes.


Number two death note okay if you haven’t heard of this one please quit the internet and start doubting your knowledge on everything this is what made many of us fear weird notebooks in the first place and to this day the words death note itself brings some intimidation or turns out to be worthy mean material desto follows light Yagami who finds a notebook that lets him kill anyone by writing their name on it and instead of throwing it away like a good schoolboy Yagami takes things a step higher by challenging the authorities and forcing others to acknowledge him as a god.


Apart from being one of the reasons for school shootouts this anime also has tension to keep you hooked and to this day is one of the best thriller anime ever made.


Number one code geese when you hear the words jib in the wall you automatically picture the image of Lelouch in your head it’s been more than 10 years but the show has left a huge mark on anime that will never be forgotten similar to death note we have a genius schoolboy who’s also an exiled Britannia prince getting a mysterious power and then going on a suicide run to take control of the world where the power is the geese a power that allows Lelouch to manipulate anybody and change their minds.


If you need an interesting political fantasy story about mecca’s philosophical questions about morality and plot twists that will literally blow your mind then this anime will be the perfect addition to your watch list.

So, there goes 10 of the best anime where the average schoolboy who is a nobody gets power and runs rampage with it so should you learn a lesson to never be a power slave or should you start dreaming for anime powers we’ll let you be the judge but if we missed your favorite title then add that down below in the comments and don’t forget to mention which anime you’re planning on watching next that’s it for today anime fans and SHARE THIS POST WITH YOUR FRIENDS, THANKS FOR READING. ( AUTO )


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