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Top 10 Best Martial Arts Anime ( Combat ) Overpowered MC

Top 10 Best Martial Arts Anime ( Combat ) Overpowered MC

Do you love fighting, So in honor of every animator who’s worked for the lowest wage possible and given us great fight scenes here is a top 10 Anime where I rank the best martial arts anime with an overpowered protagonist

Top 10 Martial Arts Anime – ( Rank List )

10. Taboo tattoo – Best Martial Arts Anime

Top 10 Best Martial Arts Anime ( Combat ) Overpowered MC
Top 10 Best Martial Arts Anime ( Combat ) Overpowered MC

First up in our list is an anime that blends traditional martial arts with supernatural powers that come in the form of an inconspicuous tattoo the story is centralized around segi who is a middle schooler who happens to be trained in martial arts he finds himself involved in a fight to help save a homeless man from being picked on by a bunch of street ducks one day as per his spirit to protect the weaker people around him in return of saggy’s help the man gives him a strange tattoo on his palm the tattoo was none other than a weapon produced during the arms race between america and the serenistan kingdom this tattoo ends up pulling segi into an entirely different world than he is used to as he starts being pursued by a very powerful girl that attempts to take back the tattoo he puts his skills to the test just to stay alive and hopefully learn how his new fan powers work in order to use them to survive the oncoming onslaught the anime is praised for being a perfect fit in the action genre as it contains perfectly choreographed action scenes with a beautiful art style while some critique the story to be somewhat generic if you’re a fan of anime with a fair share of hot blooded fighting action this should definitely be on your watchlist.

9. Katangatari

Top 10 Best Martial Arts Anime ( Combat ) Overpowered MC
Top 10 Best Martial Arts Anime ( Combat ) Overpowered MC

Next up on our list may seem deceptively simple but many consider that to be a part of its charm katana katari is a rare anime that breaks the knob of a traditional episode runtime by making each of its episodes 50 minutes as each episode was released on a monthly basis the story takes place in edo era japan as it is centralized around shichika yasuri an exiled war hero and the seventh head of the kyoto ryu school of fighting out of the various sword styles that existed within the era shichika practiced the most extraordinary named kyotaro a series which consists of the user using his own body as a blade shichika lived a quiet life in exile with his sister before a strangest named togame ends up making an appearance in his life together persuades chitika to take part in a quest alongside her to retrieve 12 notoriously unique swords named deviant blades as they set off to face dangers previously on thought of in order to make this endeavor a success praised by many for its capacity to stay fresh even in its simple premise katana katari is known for its dialogue heavy narrative after all the light novel the anime is based off of is created by the same author that wrote bakimono gathering however when the action does get going get ready for a wild ride as it does not disappoint.

8. Hitori no Shita

Top 10 Best Martial Arts Anime ( Combat ) Overpowered MC
Top 10 Best Martial Arts Anime ( Combat ) Overpowered MC

This is an anime with a rather mixed reception it’s based off of a Chinese webtoon named Yuren Zija and the anime adaptation ran for two strong seasons the anime is centralized around Zang chulan who ends up getting attacked by zombies on his way to visit his grandfather’s grave in the middle of this hostile situation a mysterious girl who wields kitchen knives as weapons arrived in the nick of time and saves him from trouble after the bizarre encounter zhang finds his own life turned upside down as he ends up meeting the same girl again in his university he begins to face off various adversaries with the martial arts techniques taught to him by his grandfather named Kitayen the story is centralized around Zang trying to find out the truth behind his grandfather’s past and his connection to the mysterious girl that became a part of his life taking a traditional approach to martial arts along with supernatural elements is something that is seen in many anime and this particular one does it surprisingly well.

7. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

This is an anime that is well known within the action anime genre and its reception is well-deserved Kenichi Shirahama is a school student that is known for his studious nature but in an effort to become strong he takes a chance by joining the school’s karate club however the upperclassmen bullies see this as an opportunity as they use the karate club as an excuse to beat him up in order to get him kicked out of the club while he was close to giving up his newfound interest in fellow new classmates Miyu Funinji causes him to train extra hard under the tutelage of the dojo she resides in don’t let the simplistic nature of the story and its rather crude looking art style fool you this is an anime that will keep you gravitated towards it with various elements and hit all of your expectations when the action takes place even though it starts rather slow it’s a must-watch for any fan of action anime.

 6. Fist of The North Star

Top 10 Best Martial Arts Anime Combat Overpowered MC 4 scaled
Top 10 Best Martial Arts Anime ( Combat ) Overpowered MC

fist of the north star or Hokuto no ken as it is known in Japan is a legendary anime that achieved prime meme status due to one particular scene with the main character that is obviously inspired by bruce lee fist of the north star takes place in a post-apocalyptic waistline the brave protagonist of the show Kenshiro is a warrior that is hunting down his rival Shen in order to rescue his kidnapped fiancee Yuriya throughout the anime Kenshiro uses a deadly martial arts form named Hokuto Shiken in order to help the ones that needed it and defend himself however he ends up grabbing the attention of greater enemies along the way as he is faced with ever-increasing odds for an anime that was originally released in 1986 it’s still beloved by many fans of the genre.

5. God of HighScool

Top 10 Best Martial Arts Anime ( Combat ) Overpowered MC
Top 10 Best Martial Arts Anime ( Combat ) Overpowered MC

As a more recent addition to the action anime genre this anime was well praised for its amazing art style and beautifully choreographed fight scenes the story is centralized around taekwondo expert jin mori as he is invited to take part in the god of high school tournament the tournament seeks out the greatest fighter amongst korean high school students and the grand prize of it all one wish for anything that is desired by the winner nothing is prohibited as every style of fighting and weapons are allowed along the way he befriends karate specialist han de wei and swordsman yumira who are taking part in the competition for their own personal reasons while jin knows that the tournament will constantly surprise him with new challenges and that every challenge along the way is ruthless he finds the prospect of it all exciting irregardless however not all of it is as it seems as there seems to be an underlying secret behind the tournament as one korean political candidate park mujin watches each fighter eagerly this is the kind of anime that will hook you from the first episode while many claim the story to be nothing special the real beauty of this anime lies in the action and amazing art style.

4. Kengan Ashura

Top 10 Best Martial Arts Anime ( Combat ) Overpowered MC
Top 10 Best Martial Arts Anime ( Combat ) Overpowered MC

Kengan Ashura‘s surprise release in the mid to late 2019 season surprised a lot of people as it clearly draws inspiration from another well-known fighting anime named Becky our story takes place in a world where business decisions are taken by gladiator combat most businesses hire strong gladiators to represent them in fights that are purely there for these wealthy businesses and merchants to settle their disputes it was a practice that had been in place since the Edo period our main character Omar Tokita is a striving fighter who is trying to prove himself to be the strongest a member of the Nogi group named Hideki hires Omar along with an average middle-aged man named Kazuo Yamashita as a manager the two are then made to take part in fights facilitated by the Kengan association as tough as the journey ahead is Omar’s drive to be the best causes him to face the challenges head-on while some people claim that the CGI art style that they follow takes the magic out of the anime the action and tension of the overall experience is still a sight to behold.

 3. Baki

Top 10 Best Martial Arts Anime Combat Overpowered MC 7 scaled
Top 10 Best Martial Arts Anime ( Combat ) Overpowered MC

we’re finally reaching the top three of our list and package position as the number three in our list is well deserved as an anime adaptation of a manga that came out in 1991 the series already had its solid fanbase long before the story reached its anime form the story is centralized around hanma baki a boy that is born under an unlucky star becky had been indulging himself in rigorous training in all forms of martial arts since he was born this was done in hopes of achieving his father’s rule of baki surprising his father at his coming of age however that would not be an easy feat as baki’s father hanma yugidor is known to be the most powerful creature walking on earth due to his tendency to attract trouble in every turn of life becky realized that his way of life is to be the most powerful becky sets off on a journey to train under different masters and reach new heights all in hopes of one day becoming the strongest man on earth considered by many to be a true tournament arc anime becky’s art style is truly a one of a kind and each episode gives you that hyped feeling you can get from no other anime combined with the rather expressive art style along with amazing sound design and this makes bakki legendary in its own right.

 2. Wu Shan Wu Xing (Fog Hill of Five Elements)

Top 10 Best Martial Arts Anime ( Combat ) Overpowered MC
Top 10 Best Martial Arts Anime ( Combat ) Overpowered MC

Number two on our list is a work of art that is made to be shown off in our list while it is a stretch to call this particular series an anime the more realistic term that it’s a combination of Japanese and Chinese animation this legendary anime was created by the combined efforts of just seven people the story is rather simple as it speaks of a world where monsters could give certain elected people the ability to master the five elements and you end up following one of these elected officials the art style and animation are considered by the masses to be god to you this is one anime that you absolutely have to watch for the fight scenes alone while Wu Shan Wu Xing (Fog Hill of Five Elements) only has three episodes out there are talks of a continuation happening very soon and we are more than excited to see more.

 1. Hajime no Ippo

Top 10 Best Martial Arts Anime ( Combat ) Overpowered MC
Top 10 Best Martial Arts Anime ( Combat ) Overpowered MC

On our list as it is considered to be the definitive boxing anime by the masses praised by its fans for its accurate display of boxing and its intricacies hajime no ippo is definitely a love letter to the competitive spot of boxing the story follows makanoji ippo who is a school student that has been bullied his entire life he constantly runs around and finds himself being beaten up by his classmates one day ippo is saved by takamura momoru from a bunch of bullies as hippo faints from his injuries hippo was taken by takamura to the kamagoa boxing gym to recover as ippo regains consciousness he is mesmerized by surroundings as he asks takamura to train him in the art of boxing from that point onward the story goes forward as it shows off ippo’s journey to the top in the world of boxing when a lot of people initially approach this anime with skepticism we can’t help but blame them after all it looks like it is 76 episodes of fighting in a small boxing ring however you would be surprised at the amount of depth this anime has in terms of its portrayal of the sport along with its characters well with that we have reached the end of this video did you like the list do tell me in the comments below if you can think of any other anime that deserve to be on this list.

At the End

Thought 1 – I would’ve been so disappointed if it had been left out, though that said I did feel the description of Baki was slightly off, he does state a few times throughout the show that he has no desire to be the strongest in the world, all he truly wants is to be stronger than his father, and he periodically states he would be happy to be the second weakest being in the world, provided of course he was stronger than his father, it just a bit unlucky with who his father turned out to be.

Thought 2 -Baki does not strive to be the strongest man on earth. He strives to be stronger than his father so he can earn the respect of his father and make his mother’s sacrifice, not in vain. This small discrepancy is what sets Baki apart from the characters who do seek to become the strongest for being the strongest sake.

SuggestionMy two suggestions guys if u already watched all from this list then; U must go for black clover of manga And this one is a very good quality Chinese anime I watched every anime which I see names on youtube or telegram but this one is out of d to reach to other anime here it is d name stands; Douluo Dalu (soul land) there is everything comedy action magic dark magic demons adventure in these two. although these two are currently running series within 2-3episode u will get hooked both have more than 160episodes….lastly just wanna say If ur giving ur time to these then ur quality time is worth fr watching. thats all.

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