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Top 10 Best Ninja Anime List [Best Recommendations]

Every child has fantasized about becoming a spy or ninja, whether they were inspired by movies, cartoons, or, in the case of the majority of people reading this article, right now anime can make that fantasy a reality. Many anime series have featured ninja characters, but few people are aware of any anime series that are solely about ninjas or revolve around the ninja world. So, in this post, we will give you Info About the Top 10 Best Ninja Anime List.

Here are the top 10 Best Ninja Anime List:

10. Ninja Girl and Samurai Master ( Ninja Anime )

Genres: Comedy, Historical

Ninja Girl and Samurai Master – originally a joke manga back in 2008, the plot revolves around a ninja nature dory who accompanies a Japanese general to assist him in the unification of Japan. Her determination to assist the general was born after he rescued her from drowning when she was a teenager. Chidori as a ninja is very professional, but she is also a very clumsy girl.


On the plus side, she’s good at negotiating and, if this were a game, she’d have excellent persuasive skills, which helps the general because she can easily persuade other forces to join his side. In terms of the art design, the characters are almost Sheevy-like, while the setting is quite plain. This anime fits well with the genre, giving off a really light atmosphere, so if you’re looking for a ninja tale that is more fun and to give you a good laugh, this is the anime to watch. The first season of the show has 52 episodes, while the second season has 26.

9. Guardian Ninja Mamoru ( Ninja Anime )

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Romance

Next up is guardian ninja memory this started from a light novel which later was adapted into a manga and an anime series the story focuses on Kanamori Mamoru who is a ninja whose family has a long tradition of being the protectors of their neighbors the Konyaku family therefore for years Mamoru has been secretly protecting Yuna this is actually quite a struggle for him because Yuna is such an airhead and very clumsy she often runs into trouble and he would need to quickly get in his ninja suit to conceal his identity while saving her.

Top 10 Best Ninja Anime List 7

Don’t you just pity Mamoru to think his job was decided the moment she was born his name alone is a sign that the anime aired in 2006 with a total of 12 episodes.

8. Ninja Boy Rantaro ( Ninja Anime )

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy

Number eight is ninja boy Rantaro which is an anime adaptation of the manga rakudai ninja Rantaro the anime aired way back in the 90s so don’t expect much in terms of animation if you want an anime that is mostly comedy mixed with school life this is the anime the story revolves around the main character nintama as you can tell from the title and his friends as they attend a school for aspiring ninjas nintama is a classic guy with big dreams but with low focus, he gets easily distracted and likes to go off however he still aspires to be a great ninja.


The anime series is actually long and it’s good for binge-watching it has 26 seasons with more than 1900 episodes if you have a lot of time and are looking for a light ninja animator watch look no further this is a series for you it was later adapted into a live-action in 2001 entitled ninja kids.

7. Nabari no Ou! ( Ninja Anime )

Genre: Action, Supernatural, Comedy

Next on the list is nabari no oy this story was originally a manga that was serialized in 2004 and was later adapted into an anime in 2008 with 26 episodes the story is about a boy named Miharu rakujo who is later revealed to have a sacred scroll in his body which holds the most powerful art in the ninja world.


because of this the ninjas Kochi azawa and Tabari komahira protect rakugo from a faction associated with another village who wants to kill him to obtain the scroll so for those who want bodyguards now you know get a scroll implanted in your body fair warning this anime may contain a bit of boy love story so fan girls this is the anime for you.

6. Katanagatari ( Ninja Anime )

Genre: Action, Historical, Romance

At number six we have Katan akatari this was originally a light novel written in the 2000s which was later on adapted into a 12 episode anime series in the year 2010 the story is set in the Edo era and in a world where 12 legendary swords were created now this might cross your mind swords I thought you were talking about ninjas here and to answer that question yes swords are involved but with a hero that vows never to use a sword the hero yasuri shichika is a man who was trained in the art of Kyoto a bare-handed fighting style that will not be corrupted by the power of the swords.


which makes this a story of no sword versus countless enemies with swords anyway the story revolves around yasuri and his quest to gather all the legendary swords with of course his love interest tagame but tagame is interested to hand over the swords to the shogunate the art style might not be as detailed as the shows nowadays but it is a story that will make you ask for more.

5. Jubei – Chan ( Ninja Anime )

Genre: Action, Magical Girl, Comedy

Top 10 Best Ninja Anime List 11

At number five it is Jubei chan this series has two seasons each with 13 episodes the first series the secret of the lovely eye patch aired in 1999. the story is about two rivalry schools whose battle was thought to be over 300 years ago when Yagyu Jubei was defeated but with her dying breath she told her loyal companion to find the next Jubei which as you can tell from the title will be the main character in this series Yagyu Jubei’s final instruction to his loyal companion was to find someone with plump bouncy bonbons to pass his eye patch and lifetime’s worth of sword techniques talk about high standards the story then introduces gu nano Hana a high school girl who becomes the unwilling next Jubei.

Series tackles her trials as the heir of Jubei and though the plot of the story or more like the qualification to be Jubei is weird or just plain ridiculous the story itself is quite funny and has amazing fight scenes.

4. Basilisk ( Ninja Anime )

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Historical

Next is basilisk the roots of this anime go way back to 1958 from a historical fantasy novel about ninjas which was later illustrated for a manga series then adapted into an anime the story was set, in 1614 and closely follows the manga rather than the novel the art style highly complements with the historical contents of the show the plot is basically about two warring ninja clans whose grandsons are determined to be the next shogun this feud has been existing for centuries now ain’t that a long time to hold a grudge, fortunately, someone did succeed in creating a ceasefire though as one can expect not all are happy about the decision and still have bad blood between clans.


And what’s a story without a bit of romance, years later the heirs from both clan fall in love with each other and were betrothed to each other to form peace however later on they were forced to choose either kill the person they love or annihilate their entire clan now that’s a tough decision and you thought choosing which degree to take in college was hard.

3. Flame of Recca ( Ninja Anime )

Genre: Action, Martial arts, Supernatural

Top 10 Best Ninja Anime List

In third place, we have the flame of the wrecker that is a well-known anime for those born in the 90s the hero of this show is a perfect example of you need to believe in yourself before others believe in you from the title itself our hero’s name is Recca who is a self-proclaimed ninja and vowed that whoever defeats him will earn his undying loyalty as a ninja, in the end, it was a girl who managed to win against him because of a pure heart when secrets revealed of his inheritance lots of the trouble stirred up his discovery may be the best surprise one can ask for like who wouldn’t want to find out that you can actually control fire with souls of dragons and you are the son of the sixth generation hikage anyway the story is centered around Recca as he learns to control his powers and protecting his lovely master, later on, he builds friendships who will accompany him in his troubles.

2. Ninja Scroll ( Ninja Anime )

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

At number two the series aired in the early 2000s with 13 episodes the story takes place in the feudal era of Japan and tells the story of a mercenary ninja named Jubei kip game he was then tasked to protect an enchanted stone and priestess isn’t that the dream of every hero many fanboys out there definitely had a dream of guarding a beautiful priestess with the hopes of getting her to fall in love with them right.


Getting back to the ninja scroll Jubei’s mission to protect the sacred treasure is because some other clan wants to harness its power to revive the power of Toyotomi while the princess is, of course, someone of great importance because she is the only one who can harness the power of the treasure so they hire Jubei since one needs the best ninja to protect something or something of utmost importance and that’s where the anime will focus on.

1. Naruto ( Ninja Anime )

Genre: Adventure, Martial arts, Fantasy

Number one spot is none other than you guessed it right fan-favorite naruto this spot is a no-brainer for anyone the first arc having five seasons with 220 episodes the next arc Naruto Shippuden having 21 seasons 500 episodes and 10 movies in total millions of fans who stay tuned to the manga chapter the chapter and even awaiting its adaptations to anime it is no doubt that this is the ultimate ninja experience, of course, many already know the plot to this amazing and unbeatable story but for those who have not yet to watch this show naruto as the title suggests is about a boy named Uzumaki Naruto who aspires to be acknowledged by the world thereby setting his goal to be the leader of their town earning the title of Hokage and mind you his name is not Narutoo’s dad it is naruto who’s a macky naruto learn it.


But yes it does have a sequel focusing on the next generation of the main characters in this series but if you want to feel the real action and where it all begun better start with naruto and watch as he struggles to overcome many many many trials in his life.

Along with his friends and teammates, you will learn to appreciate him more and know him better than Naruto’s dad if you do watch the show whole take his rivals Uchiha Sasuke’s word to it naruto was a loser, in the beginning, had many weaknesses but he beat all the naysayers and climb his way to the top if you want a show that will inspire you to make you laugh jam pack with action twists and turns a show that will make you believe in love full of friendship heartache and will make you cry and cheer with every victory then this is the ultimate show for you a story of how a true ninja should be with that we have reached the end of our list.

We hope that you’ll love this recommendation list and give at least one of these shows a try do you have any ninja animes of your own to share a comment below and tell us, If you Like this Post then, Share this post with your friends. Thanks for Reading. ( Auto )


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