Top 10 Kung Fu Anime List [Best Recommendations]

We’re going to look at the Top 10 Kung Fu Anime List today. Yeah, kung fu anime, not general martial arts, but at least committed to the beautiful fighting style kung fu, the same martial arts that your favorite panda practices. Po kung fu panda kung fu panda kung fu panda Some of the shows on this list aren’t specifically about kung fu, but they do include it, so let’s get this POST started.

Here is the list of Top 10 Kung Fu Anime:

10. Fighting Beauty Wulong ( Kung Fu Anime )

Genre: Action, Ecchi, Martial Arts


The first item on the agenda is combating attractiveness. The first on our list is Wulong, who is battling beauty. What better way to start this video than with a girl battling beauty, Wulong? Wulong began as a synonym of manga in 2002, but in 2005, it was adapted into an anime series. It is divided into two seasons, each with 25 episodes. Mayo is the protagonist of the novel, who was born in China but raised in Japan due to her parents’ deaths. and she wants to find out but her grandfather won’t give up the information so easily so they made a deal that mayo will be trained by her grandfather and learn their family secret martial art called mayo Dewey Kempo and if you don’t know Kimpo is a modified version of xiao lin kung fu.

Anyway, her drunken lecherous grandfather entered her in a competition for female fighters where viewers will be able to see rand’s kung fu and others finding the style.

9. The Legend Of Condor Hero ( Kung Fu Anime )

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Historical


The anime aired in 2001 through the animation is not what one would expect for an anime in the 2000s still considering the content the art style fits the story, the story is set in the 13th century back in the time when the Mongols were invading China makes you remember part two of Mulan, huh the story is set in the 13th century back in the time when the Mongols were invading china makes you remember part two of Mulan, huh the story is set in the 13th century

There are various martial arts featured in this show there is a particular character who is a kung fu genius and that is oh young thing who is introduced at the beginning of the show and takes yang as his godson the anime ran for almost a year with 78 episodes.

8. Ranma 1/2 ( Kung Fu Anime )

Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Martial Arts


Number eight, what do you get when you combine a teenage boy trained in martial arts, his father, and a mysterious curse cast upon him and his father? You get an awesome show with over 100 episodes, which is probably where most otaku’s curiosity about what it would be like to be the opposite gender began, ahem Kimi no Nawa, the story is about Ranma and his life of finding a cure for a mysterious curse cast upon him and his father.

7. Baki ( Kung Fu Anime )

Genre: Action, Martial Arts, Shounen


Next Baki began as a manga in the 1990s and continues to this day with 137 volumes. It was first adapted into a film in 1994 and only in anime in the early 2000s, producing 48 episodes in less than a year after receiving another film in 2016. By 2018, another series was released with 39 episodes by June 4 of this year, as the title suggests. Baki Hanna is a self-made man who aspires to be a strong warrior like his father, and although Baki’s combat style is grappling, the show includes other fighting styles when Baki discovers an underground fighting arena and begins to polish his martial arts as he reaches that world.

so if you’re looking for that manly show with kung fu this is a recommended series

6. Yu Yu Hakusho ( Kung Fu Anime )

Genre: Action, Comedy, Demons


It began as a manga that was adapted into a two-year television series with a total of 112 episodes. The show begins with the death of its main character, Urameshi, who is killed after being struck by a car at the start of the series while trying to save a child.

Don’t be discouraged, anime fans, because he has to die for the show to begin, and it also helps people believe that there is a true afterlife. After dying, he meets Botan, and that is where his journey begins. It is also in the afterlife that he meets people who will be with him in the series, and he attempts to return to his body by completing a series of missions.

5. Street Fighter II: Animated Series ( Kung Fu Anime )

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama


The story is loosely based on the popular fighting game whereas many of you know showcase many different fighting styles and it definitely includes kung fu the same goes for the anime series that aired back in 1995 for less than a year with 29 episodes the story centers on the life of Ryu and ken who embark on a journey to hone their skills if you’re a fan of the game then for sure you would not want to miss this anime adaptation fair warning to Kidzo who would want to watch this the action can be brutal but still fans cannot deny that seeing their favorite characters from the game they love battle things out and see another perspective from them is so entertaining.

4. Dragon Ball ( Kung Fu Anime )

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy


Number four is your all-time favorite dragon ball – after all, what is martial arts without the classic dragon ball? This show is definitely one of the longest-running anime shows that actually manages to keep fans hooked, which is saying a lot because a show that keeps going but is boring cannot be called a successful show, and one of the factors of this show’s success is the fact that it is based on the classic dragon ball. the story revolves around Goku’s never-ending adventure to grow stronger and stronger per arc he is definitely the guy who just won’t stay dead seriously he lives he dies then lives again then dies death must really hate his guts anyway Goku’s fighting style was based on different kinds of kung fu and as a star of the show you can definitely expect a lot of scenes featuring kung fu and all its glory.

3. Hunter x Hunter ( Kung Fu Anime )

Genre: Action, Adventure, Super Power


Another fan favorite for you guys, this was adapted from a manga that is still running. The first anime adaptation was back in 2002 to 2004 with only 30 episodes, but it was later remade in 2011 to 2014 with 148 episodes, and fans are still clamoring for more, which is not surprising because the story is so compelling. The gist of the story is about, you guessed it, hunters. Hunters do a variety of things, from catching criminals to treasure hunting, and of course, the hero went and became a hunter, mostly because he discovered that his supposedly deceased father is alive and hunter, like every cliche story, the hero goes off to become a hunter himself and search for his supposedly deceased father.

Going back to the topic of this Part kung fu is no doubt to be seen in this show as it is jam-packed with action there are more and you can bet that your kung fu cravings will be satisfied when you binge-watch this amazing show.

2. First of the North Star ( Kung Fu Anime )

Genre: Action, Drama, Martial Arts


The first of the north star takes the runner-up position – here’s another show for people who like their anime rough and manly. The visual style alone indicates that he’s that kind of anime, but anyway, this show isn’t only about martial arts but also has the post-apocalyptic genre. The manga was made in the 1980s, and the anime follows suit with two seasons. Even though the story was made in the 1980s, the first one has 109 episodes and the second one has 43 episodes, it is a must-watch anime for people who are looking for kung fu goodness.

The story’s progress is amazing and is filled with fight scenes that you cannot get enough of and it is for sure that after you finish watching this show you will be saying you’re already dead and finally.

1. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple ( Kung Fu Anime )

Genre: Action, Comedy, Martial Arts


This show is essentially a classic story of a weakling who, while not even running into a battle, eventually becomes one of the strongest disciples, and you guessed it, the hero of this show is Kenichi. You cannot deny that what the audience wants is a hero that they can cheer for and encourage them to keep going, which is exactly the kind of hero Kenichi is.

Other than the story itself this anime features many kinds of martial arts such as:

  • Karate

  • kickboxing

  • Jujitsu

  • Muay thai

  • Capoeira

  • Pencak silat

  • Cerevate

  • Other Chinese martial arts

And as the story progresses viewers will actually see Kenichi go through rigorous training in authentic martial arts if you watch this as a child you will definitely be drawn to martial arts itself and get that urge to actually try it yourself and if that is the case then it is without a doubt a good show.

So what do you think of our list do you think there are other moments that are more deserving to be on this list feel free to give your opinions in the comments section and Share this Post with Your Friends. ( AUTO )


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