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Top 10 Strongest Dragons In Anime – List

Nothing makes stories more compelling than dragons’ mighty creatures that carry thousands of secrets, and when you combine them with the marvel that is anime, you get an epic show to enjoy. So for those of you who are looking for a good anime to watch here is our list of the Top 10 Epic Dragons in Anime that you should be watching right now.

Here is the list of Top 10 Strongest Dragons In Anime Series:

#10: Record of Lodoss War ( Dragon Anime )

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Magic


At number 10 we have a classic 90s anime Record of Lodoss War – which was originally a novel and by 1990 wow what 90 it was adopted to an anime with 13 episodes later it had another series with 27 episodes fair warning though for people only discovering this show today and already have high standards for animation this isn’t your show because of these anime created in 1990 so yeah you can just imagine how underdeveloped it is the opening alone still if you decide to overlook the animation and focus on the story then yeah you will be able to enter a world of magic where the hero pan travels with his best friend advisor mentor and love interests as they set off to different mountains ruled by dragons and there they will face off with this mighty dragon Nass. if this was reanimated today well how it can be superb because the current one does not do the story justice.

#9: Majutsushi Orphen ( Dragon Anime )

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy


If you’re a fan of a show that has crimes magical transformation and bonds between siblings this is your show often by the fact that his name is in his title is the main character who was involved in illegal activities while his sister had some kind of curse that makes her turn into a dragon who doesn’t like a show about a sibling who keeps trying to save his sibling it’s a very beautiful thing to have a pure loving bond just a bit of information about this show it started as a light novel that turned into an anime way back in 1998 and had a sequel next year but the show was again created by 2019 to celebrate its 25th anniversary and by this year the sequel was created.

#8: Hitsugi no Chaika ( Dragon Anime )

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy


Next up is Hitsugi no Chaika – the coffin princess adorable characters 300 long piece broken man-eating unicorns and naturally shape-shifting dragon that’s what this next anime brings you who says a girl carrying around a coffin isn’t adorable this beautiful blond-haired girl proves otherwise a girl named Frederick had joined their group and she belongs to a race of magical armored dragons with the ability to shape-shift this anime features other characters with similar abilities and the gang also encounters unfriendly dragons whom they need to defeat so expect a lot of dragons if you watch this anime the show has two seasons the first having 12 episodes and the latter having 10 with one OVI.

#7: Dragon King Daimao ( Dragon Anime )

Genre: Magic, Ecchi, Fantasy


At number 7 he’s another harem anime for you at number 7 as many plot summaries explain it this anime revolves around the love magic and battles of the main character akuto sai whose aptitude test predicts that his future occupation is demon king how you wish you had the same results huh rather than an accountant data analysis technical support and other mundane jobs in a non-magical world and attackers be like wish I can live in the anime world anyway like any harem anime our hero akuto sai is surrounded by three girls the studious be male class hid’ Junko Hattori the girl with mysterious powers Kena Soga and his very own Android bodyguard her own lucky him her except in this show they have a dragon beast who was awakened the show has 12 episodes with 6 special episodes.

#6: Dragon Crisis ( Dragon Anime )

Genre: Action, Magic, Romance


Up next we have dragon crisis has anyone heard of the term imprint if you have watched Twilight you know what it means it’s basically this thing that usually happens to animals and yeah in Twilight for a charger register in its mind that this creature or person is their mum or in the case of Twilight their future lover their forever and that is exactly what happened in this show an adorable girl had imprint ryuuji an ordinary teenager whose life, of course, changed for us to have a show and it turns out this girl is well you guessed it a dragon who is kept captive and now Ryu G together with a reco went on an adventure to protect their girl they named Rose from organizations that want to capture her along their journey they would meet other dragons who are in a similar situation as Rose.

#5: Chaos Dragon ( Dragon Anime )

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Supernatural


At number five originally a role-playing game entitled red dragon this anime takes place in the year thirty fifteen where there are two feuding countries for supremacy admits his war their deity the red dragon has gone mad burning village after village and massacring its people Ibuki a descendant of the royal family who has been granted power by the red dragon is a man with a pure heart and only desires peace through ulcers will not allow such a thing because then we won’t have a story to watch so naturally our hero is drawn to the chaos and has to rise to save his country like any good hero should.

#4: Dragon Half ( Dragon Anime )

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Parody


If you’re looking for a similar feel to the classic Ranma 1/2 but with dragons then this is a show for you a love-struck half-dragon half-human girl wants to find a potion to be able to with a singer slash dragon slayer guy named dick sorcerer yeah yeah poor choice of name but what can you do even the name for the heroine is just what her name is mink but she is adorable, she really looks similar to Ranma when she’s a girl anyway so she wants to get a potion that will turn her into a pure human she the dragon equivalent of The Little Mermaid who wants to be a human to be with her Prince the story mainly revolves around that however makes me comedy this story is quite entertaining the story is not complete without a gang so mink is accompanied in her quest for this magical potion by her friend’s loofah Pia and a fairy mouse named Nobby yes you heard that right a fairy mouse and along the way loofah turned into a toad so in the end mink opted to stay as she is to help Luther return to her original form sisters before misters although it is quite confusing how a vampire got a mix in the story but it is still a good anime despite it being full of cliches if you’re looking for a light story and just need a good laugh you can go watch this.

#3: Gragonar Academy ( Dragon Anime )

Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy


At number three we’re at the top three now first of all Dragonar Academy wants an anime version of How to Train Your Dragon here you go but it’s not an anime without a little twist as you can guess the dragon appears in the form of a girl though the main character does remind you of a hiccup as he Ash Blake is known as a problem child and unlike his fellow students here’s trouble-taming and riding dragons see anime version of hiccup indeed anyway, ash Annie’s dragon’s relationship becomes reversed when his dragon named echo told him that she is the master and him her servant, reminds you of ash in another dragon relationship with this Ash now has new problems he needs to overcome.

#2: Rage of Bahamut: Genesis ( Dragon Anime )

Genre: Action, Adventure, Demons


At the number two slot, it goes to a show that tackles all of those three races clash to prevent the revival of the winged demon Beast or if you want a shorter-term dragon bat hermit but their peaceful days were shattered when this girl fell from the skies who turned out to be the girl who held half of the key for the revival of Bahamut and to make matters more interesting she has amnesia like seriously for war freaks out there if you want to bring chaos to get a girl and dangle her in front of your parties shortly they’ll fight over her anyway so the anime is two seasons the first one consists of twelve episodes while the sequel is 24 episodes one can never go wrong with a show that has demons in God’s see animation fits a story as well.

#1: Fairy Tai ( Dragon Anime )

Genre: Magic, Fantasy, Shounen

And finally taking the number one spot is a fairy tale from the child who wants to find his dragon dad to meeting other dragon slayers to battle an evil dragon to making dragons from the past come to the present day to get dragons to help with present problems this anime has all the dragons you can think of 328 episodes to movies and 1000v a’s many know that this show is one of the backbones of the anime world for those born in the 90s and just least so because this show has everything from comedy family magic action romance life lessons and of course dragons the main gang is Natsu Lucy gray happy and Ursa all belong to the guild Fairy Tail because well it is a title the journey has a lot of ups and downs and along the way, they will encounter lots of problems which involve dragons and eventually the questions all of the characters have about their path will eventually be answered.


For anyone who hasn’t watched the show get ready for a whirlwind of emotions also expect a lot of shipping of characters and characters you will learn to love and hate at the same time and by the end of the show, you will wish you a part of this guild this family called a fairytale.

With that we reach the end of our list do you think there are other moments that are more deserving to be on this list feel free to give your opinions in the comment section.

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